Using MoboMath Handwriting Support for MathMagic

The MoboMath™ handwritten equation editor lets you easily create and edit expressions for MathMagic on a tablet computer or external tablet.

To get started, just follow the steps below. If you don't already have MoboMath or a special version of MoboMath for MathMagic, you can download a trial version of MoboMath here.

1 Set MoboMath's export format to MathMagic 

Export menuSelect MathMagic from the MoboMath Export menu. This initializes the settings needed to easily exchange math expressions with MathMagic. If you are using the special version of MoboMath for MathMagic, you will see fewer choices on the Export menu.

Now you’re ready to enter and edit math expressions for use in MathMagic.

2 Write an expression in MoboMath 

Write a math expression in the MoboMath window as you normally would on paper.

Handwritten expression in MoboMath

3 Translate it 

Tap the Enter button in the MoboMath toolbar to translate your handwritten entry into a formatted math expression.

Translated expression in MoboMath

4 Copy the expression to MathMagic 

Drag or copy and paste your translated expression into MathMagic.

Drag from MoboMath to MathMagic

A line appears in the MoboMath window as you drag but is erased as soon as you drop your expression into MathMagic.

MoboMath expression in MathMagic

Once your expression has been copied to MathMagic, you can use any of MathMagic's built-in tools to modify it.

5 To edit a MathMagic expression in MoboMath 

To edit an existing MathMagic expression using MoboMath, just copy and paste the expression into MoboMath using MathMagic's "Copy as MathML" command. "Copy as MathML" is available in both the MathMagic Edit and context menus. You cannot drag expressions from MathMagic to MoboMath since these are in a custom format that MoboMath cannot recognize.

Once your expression has been pasted into MoboMath, you can use any of MoboMath's editing features to modify it. When you are done with your changes, you can copy the expression back to MathMagic as in step 4 above.

6 Continue working

Don’t stop now. By repeating the steps above, you can continue entering and editing expressions in MoboMath for use in MathMagic.

Additional Tips

Before you begin, you may want to rerun the Configuration Wizard and check your settings in the Grammar menu to be sure all the math elements and symbols that you use in MathMagic are enabled.

If you see any errors when your handwritten entry is converted to a formatted math expression, you can use MoboMath's editing tools to correct them. See the MoboMath documentation for details.

If you also use MoboMath with other applications, be sure to check your export format whenever you want to use MoboMath with MathMagic.