Math Software for Tablet Users

If you use Mathematica, Maple, or Microsoft Excel on a tablet computer or with an external tablet, or if you want to create handwritten math expressions for Microsoft Word, MathType, MathMagic, MathML, TeX, or web pages, Enventra has a software solution that can help.

Enventra's products include the MoboCalc™ tablet input panel for Microsoft Excel, and the MoboMath™ handwritten equation editor for calculations and technical documents. MoboMath is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Designed for tablet users, MoboMath and MoboCalc let you enter and edit formulas and expressions just by writing them. No keyboard input or palette selections are required.

And once your entries are converted from handwriting to text, they are displayed in a natural math layout so you can easily verify your work.

Math expressions and formulas that you write can be calculated, graphed, used to build spreadsheets, or published in technical documents or on web pages. MoboMath and MoboCalc automatically convert your handwritten input to the correct format for your target application.

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