MoboMath - Now for iPad and Mac

MoboMath converts handwritten math into formatted equations that you can use in documents, presentations, or calculations.

Just write a math expression on your iPad or tablet, translate it to text with a single tap, and copy it wherever you need it. MoboMath expressions can be converted to custom formats for popular apps or used as MathML, LaTeX, or images.

MoboMath supports a broad range of math — from algebra to calculus and more. You choose exactly the features you need to streamline your work.

And equations you enter aren't static. They can be easily modified or corrected using MoboMath's built-in editing tools.

MoboMath for iPad

MoboMath for iPadAs the newest addition to the MoboMath family, the iPad edition improves on MoboMath’s core features by adding a notebook interface to help keep your work organized and easy to access. You can add notebook sections for each of your courses or projects and categorize your notes by date or topic.

MoboMath for iPad is the ideal choice for students, educators, researchers, and technical professionals who need to write math on the go.

MoboMath for Mac

MoboMath for MacThe Mac edition is your gateway to interaction with other leading laptop and desktop apps. With direct support for popular math software like Mathematica, Maple, and MathType and application suites like Office and iWork, MoboMath for Mac gives you the tools you need to make the most of every math expression your write.


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