Handwritten math input for Mac OS X

MoboMath lets you create formatted math expressions for your favorite applications in your own handwriting.

Using a pen and tablet, or even a trackpad or mouse, simply write an equation as you normally would, tap Enter to convert it to formatted math, and copy or drag it into your target application for calculation, graphing, or documentation.

Create math expressions effortlessly

Say goodbye to tedious keyboard and palette input. With MoboMath, you can write expressions naturally and use a single editor for all your math input needs.

Use equations anywhere

Use equations you create in MoboMath wherever you need them – in technical documents, presentations, or on web pages. Evaluate or plot them in math computation products. MoboMath equations are translated to the correct format for each target and can be reused across applications.

Multi-application support

MoboMath supports Microsoft Word, Mathematica, Maple, MathMagic, MathType, and products like iWork that use MathType as an equation editor. With MoboMath's MathML, TeX, and image support, you can also create expressions for a broad range of other standards-based applications, including iBooks Author.

Optimized for pen input

MoboMath is designed for ease of use with a pen and tablet. The tools you use most are just a tap away in the MoboMath toolbar. There's no need to move to the menu or use keyboard shortcuts for common editing operations.

Simple editing for any changes

Add, delete, insert, replace, or rearrange parts of an expression using simple pen gestures, or use your pen's eraser tip to erase ink strokes. To edit expressions from other applications, copy them to MoboMath to make your changes.

Easily customizable for the math you use

From basic algebra to advanced calculus, simply select the features you want using MoboMath's Configuration Assistant and Math menu. Vectors, matrices, integrals, differentials, limits, ranges, logical operators, Greek characters and more are all available in MoboMath.

Now with great new features

MoboMath™ 2.2 supports the most recent OS X releases including Mountain Lion and adds new tools you can use to adapt MoboMath to your individual handwriting style. If you write a character in your own special way, you can now train MoboMath to recognize it.


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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • An external tablet is recommended for handwritten input


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